Welcome to the site of the Rozavlea Town Hall

In this picturesque region the people of Maramures raised their sons along the time, without losing in front of all the difficulties in life their language, customs, port, remaining worthy survivors of the Dacians, lovers of freedom, justice overbearing in their country. In this legendary realm is placed the Commune Rozavlea, situated at 4 km of Cuhea today Bogdan Voda, capital of the voivode of Maramures.
Rozavlea is mentioned for the first time about 600 years ago, as Villa Iohanis Woiwode - in 1373. Settlement with a name of legendary resonance, is situated geographically in the Depression Maramures in the corridor of Iza.

Respected fellow citizens

I thought the achievement of the Rozavlea site for you, people who live here, as well as for those who leave in other cities or abroad, so that you can take contact with everything that happens in our village.
Also, this way we can make ourselves known in the country and abroad, to contribute decisively to economic recovery and human potential that our village has.
In this way, any possible investor will know the features they offer to develop business on the radius of the village administrative Rozavlea.
As a novelty, I introduced the possibility of being in dialogue with you, we'll be able to ask questions, suggestions or proposals.
As mayor of all citizens, I wish to declare that the availability instiuĆŁiei one to represent a viable and serious partner for dialogue with people who have chosen me and the job which we conduct the entire business.

Vasile MĂźrza