SWOT Analysis

• The existence of elements of modern infrastructure (water, sewage running, GSM, internet, cable TV)
• High tourism potential, the existence of 20 tourist hostels
• Perpetuation of traditions
• Production of natural,environmental food
• Geographically specific landscape
• Possession of a forest (the forest Botiza)
• Financial infusion from locals working abroad
• The existence of a highschool (which absorbs students on Iza Valley)
• Existence of NGOs (YMCA Rozavlea)
• Center for Documentation and Information in the school
• Old wooden church (1717) -historic monument
• Center of Carpet plant production and a genuine popular artisan (articles of wood)
• Competitive Folk Ensemble
• Basic sports, gyms, football team (Division "D")
• Branches of financial institutions: Credit Cooperative, CDE

• Creation, modernization and development of microferme and SMEs
• Attracting investment, which would lead to job creation, increased revenues for the local budget
• Organize training courses
• Tourism network development, adequate infrastructure and a recreational area
• Valuing options for producing energy from renewable sources
• Exploitation of forest resources, forest fruits, medicinal plants
• Access for all citizens to  European funds
• Identification and arrangement of an industrial platform
• Valuing all available spaces