Culture and education

The wooden church,a historic monument, was built in 1717, the tradition saying that it was brought here from other Maramure┼č village, after the local one was destroyed by the Tatars. The church is build from fir wood, by anonymous masters, in a Maramure┼č specific architecture. The painting was made on cloth bounded to the inside walls by unknown painters. The altar screen was painted by Ioan Plohod from Dragomire┼čti. The church is dedicated to the Saints Archangels Michael and Gabriel. The painting of Ioan Plohod used fat colours, providing a rich and glamorous look to the painting. The church owns wooden and glass icons, with genuine artistic value. This church is considered one of the most successful creations of the popular architecture in Maramure┼č. The wooden church “The Saints Archangels Michael and Gabriel” was declared a historic monument by Law No. 5/2000 concerning the Approval of the Plan for the National Territory Arrangement.
Additionally to the wooden historic monument church, Rozavlea has other three churches,two of them being as well wooden churches in genuine Maramure┼č style.

In Rozavlea yearly between the 15th and 20th of August there is taking place a yearly culture festival; “The Culture days – Roza Rozalina”,attended by several thousand of peoples, suns of the commune, but also guests from the country and from abroad.

The Birthday of Holy Mary“Sfânta Marie Mic─â – Na┼čterea Maicii Domnului” is an important celebration of the Rozavlea Commune, since the main church, in the Commune’s Centre is dedicated to it. This church was consecrated and promoted to the rank of a Monastery by His Holiness the Patriarch Justinian. For this celebrations, at the 8th of September, already in the eve at the there are congregating “Professions” (religious processions) from the neighbourhood villages who spend the night there singing religious hymns and praying.

Religious or civil celebrations are interesting and give content to the millenary traditions that are kept strongly alive. Christmas and Easter are considered unique in the world due to their ritual and specific.

Rozavlea has a High Scholl,with more than 500 students, most of them coming from the villages in the Iza valley. The basic training branch is tourism and adjacent services.

Acting within the Culture Houseof the Commune, the folkloric assembly “Roza - Rozalina” is a bunch of young talents, with a rich record of its stage performances, in the country and abroad

The sportsare well represented by the football team “Rozalina Rozavlea”, playing in the D-league, since the locals are very interested by sports and especially by football. The team has its own sports base with a quite generous space available. Currently there are undergoing actions to update and improve this base. There are two sports halls as available infrastructure for the locals.