The Commune of Rozavlea is locatedin MaramureƟ, in the north of Transylvania, within the lowland of MaramureƟ, on the river Iza, around 80km (65 mile) east from the city of Baia Mare, the county’s administration residence and 35 km south-east from the city Sighetu MarmaĆŁiei, main city if the Historic MaramureƟ.

The closest airport is 90km away, near Baia Mare and the one of Cluj – Napoca, more significant, is located 190 km away.
Demographically,Rozavlea has 4000 inhabitants, most being involved in traditional work: farming, farm animals breeding and fruit growing, etc. Main activities of the inhabitants currently include also trading, farm touring and construction. A significant part of the active3 population is working abroad.

Rozavlea covers a surface of4400 hectare to which there has to be added 900 hectare of forest in the area of Botiza. It is more or less a hill country, located around 500 m over sea level, the river Iza and some of its confluents create the single lowland areas.

Technicallyand concerning the public utilities, Rozavlea is covered by the GSM networks Orange, Vodafone, Cosmote, has Internet connection, TV cable network, fresh water supply and the sewerage network is nearly to be completed, the electric power supply covers 99% of the inhabitable surface.

The area is proper for touring, special farm touring, remarkable landscapes, ecological products and the local hospitality attracting an important number of foreign and Romanian tourists. In Rozavlea there are operating more than 15 tourist houses, mostly quoted by 2 flowers. 
The Commune of Rozavlea is including also the village of Salta a relatively remote habitation, but with high tourist potential.

Concerning the road infrastructure, our Commune is not very happy, since only the county road 180 is asphalted, the secondary roads being macadamized or just road metal.