Town history

The origins of the commune’s name, Rozavlea, are explained by more legends with even more versions. The name could come from the Slavic word “rozavleti” (to flood) or from the celebration of the Whitsuntide or Pentecost (Romanian: Rusalii). Elderly people say that the name of the commune is given by a legend. “One upon a time, the Historic MaramureƟ was the home of tall people. In time remained only one old man and his daughter, called Rozalia. Walking along the shores of Iza the girl met a nice, but short, young man and she fall in love with him. In order to be together the girl prayed to be shorter and the young man prayed to be taller. Their prays were listened and they had a nice wedding. So the first inhabitants of the village were their children, so that the commune was called Rozalia, which later become Rozavlea.

The Commune of Rozavlea is one of the old villages in Historic MaramureƟ, inhabited by the “Free Dacians” during the very old ages. At the beginning of the second millennium after Christ, in the time of Romanian medieval voivodeships and principalities, Rozavlea was part of the Lowlands principality of the Bogdan family, owned by Iuga, the brother of Bogdan before 1353, when the property is transferred to the suns of Iuga, Stefan and Ioan. In 1424 the village is the centre of Iuga heritage properties “Possessio Rozalyia”. As well from the tradition, Rozavlea, being a voivodeship possession having a monastery, even today in the lower part of the village there are locations called “ the monastery’s lowland” or the “monk’s hill”. In out days a new monastery gets a new life in that area.

The oldest human habitation signs are from the Neolithic period, well represented thorough multiple archaeological findings.