Wooden church "St. Archangels Michael and Gabriel"
The church gives the impression of monumentality with its tall tower and its sharply pitched roof with double eaves. The polygonal chancel apse is covered with its own slightly lower roof.
The entranceto the church is through an open porch on the west façade. Here is found an extremely rare exterior painting, The Beheading of St. John the Baptist. The painting is much deteriorated due to its exposure to the elements. What is mostly visible is the background of architectural drawing, with rounded arches, some red of clothing on the figures and a part of the inscription. 
The interior paintingswere applied on a textile material attached on the vaults and walls over a preparatory layer of limewash. The paintings are arranged both in friezes and in individual scenes, and are painted with vivid, and often contrasting colours. 
The backgrounds are often fully developed scenes of landscape and compositions of western architecture, both used successfully to create a feeling of volume and depth. There are inscriptions in Romanian, written with Cyrillic characters.
The pronaoshas the usual flat ceiling of the wooden churches. The main theme, as nearly always, is The Last Judgment on the west wall, around the entrance door, and continuing on the north wall.
On the barrel vault of the naosis The Holy Trinity. In the corners are the seated figures of The Evangelists engaged in writing. The lower parts of the vault show on the northern side The Ladder of Jacob and a gently undulating landscape with numerous trees. On the southern side are St. Elijah and the Chariot of Fire and St. Elisha Catching His Tunic, in the same hilly landscape.
The iconostasisthat divides the chancel from the naos combines sculpture and paintings in harmony. It displays the usual icons and registers of most other iconostases. During the first decades of the 20th century new painted icons were placed on the original carved wooden structure of baroque style.
The chancelis a polygonal space, and in this church the ceiling is flat. On the ceiling the paintings are illegible, while on the walls the paintings have been cleaned.

♦ Pension Iza (3 daisies) - you face with a wooden gate Maramures, at no. 227, in the central area of the 
Rozavlea village.
♦ Pension Orzac Ioana (2 daisies) - A luxurious hostel equipped ultra modern, placed far from the main road in a very quiet area. The house is surrounded by a lawn and flowers. The rooms are bright with a beautiful view. Bathrooms are ultra modern, everything is at the highest standards.
♦ Pension Cezara (2 daises)
♦ Pension Mîrza Maria
♦ Pension TiseliĆŁa Eugenia (2 daises)
♦ Pension Vanessa (2 daises)
♦ Pension Vasile Mîrza (2 daises)

Tomsa House
Situated on the main road (DJ186), at the lower end of town with a large courtyard that provides demarcation of noise and traffic.