Investment projects

♦ Rehabilitation, expansion, upgrading and equipping of weddings Room
♦ Rehabilitation of Old gyms, equipping it with locker rooms, central heating, sanitary spaces, galleries and equipping thr new gym with sports profile
♦ Construction of a Houses of Culture or of a cultural institution
♦ Construction of two play areas for children
♦ Construction of a theme park
♦ Shaping and fitting civic center
♦ Upgrade existing school premises and arranging an amphitheater for the school
♦ Rehabilitation, upgrading and equipping of medical premises
♦ Modernization and equipping of sport 
♦ Construction and modernization of food market
♦ Construction of a multipurpose social center in the village of Salta (school, a health room, dining hall)
♦ Creating a center for trade and services (possibly through a public private partnership)
♦ Identification and acquisition of land suitable to industrial town (about 10 ha)